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M6 Boot Camp for Small Business

You have a Dream. We are the Team.

Make solid progress on your business profitability in just 3-6 weeks using our easy-steps, proven system.

The last session is Aug. 1, 2023 (USA), 2p PT / 5p ET

Dates for those in Australia, Aug. 2, at 7a AEST

Create & Implement Your Business Success Blueprint in just 3-6 weeks.

Create a Written Business Plan, and put it into action with projects (with independent value) like:

** Creating a Written Business Plan (this is the base project everyone will do) using Biz Plan Builder (either the free trial or paid version)

** 30 Days to Fast Cash (includes a mind map of "low hanging fruit" and can include the Starfish app, plus inviting people to the M6 program - you get 100%!)

** "The BOSS" - Business Organizational Success System (systems, passwords, biz efficiency)

** Doing a robust Competitor Analysis (this will fit in nicely with your written biz plan)

** IT Audit of your computer and data systems (like most of these projects, there is a free & a paid version)

** One True List - Contacts Builder (quickly explode your CRM contacts from a few to thousands)

** Strategic Tech & Systems Plan (mind map of all of the technology you want to use for maximum profit and time savings, and how to implement these)

** Strategic Marketing Plan (including social media but not limited to that)

** Creating one powerful Leads Funnel on the Max Pro CRM, using the CRM for geo-targeted lead generation

** Creating your first multi-day or multi-stage Email Campaign on the Max Pro CRM

** Using the Success Blaster Media program (thru Max) to generate leads thru social media

** Using NowSite to generate leads using demographic and geo-targeting

** Ramping up your Income thru Passive and Residual Income programs, including Affiliate programs

** Time Budget for Success

& many more!

See dates & times above.

Now launching 3-week Pilot Program, FREE to Max Community Members ***

*** The program, valued at $3,000, is FREE if you join TMC (The Max Community) for just $50/mo (cancel any time) and start your free trial of the Biz Plan Builder software (then $27/mo, cancel any time).

Join our 3-week Pilot Program - Quickly Ramp up your Profits, Build leveraged systems for the Future, Gain Clarity on your Business Mission, SAVE THOUSANDS!!

Meet our Coaches

We have coaches in every area that you need to succeed.

  1. Vision & Mission

  2. Business Strategy

  3. Marketing & Sales

  4. Content Writing

  5. Lead Generation and Follow-Up

  6. Software, Tools & Systems to help you scale and automate

  7. Financial Projects, Bookkeeping, and more ...

Meet our coaches! See your Project Options!

Just click on the Directory button below.

*** The business plan software costs a few dollars each month after the two-week trial. If you wish, get your plan done in 2 weeks and don't pay a dime!

How Will this Benefit Me & My Business?

Most things in life take either time or money. The M6 Boot Camp is high on impact, but low on both cost and time. Using a compressed time frame of 3 weeks for the Pilot Program, you will receive these benefits.


Written Biz Plan

You will use our simple system to create, perhaps for the first time in your business life, a clear, easy-to-follow written business plan, including key elements for profitability and success.


Finish Key Projects

Most business owners just PLAN to get things done, and never do. In the M6 Boot Camp, we will help you create a clear roadmap to getting 2-3 key projects done, and help you finish them!


Develop a Dream Team

The people you meet in the M6 Boot Camp may well become your friends for life, and a super powerhouse Dream Team for getting things done in your business. We believe that Strategic Community is the key to success!

About Us

The Max Community is Your Dream Team to take your business to the next level.

We are 100% online so it's simple to pop in for an hour of networking, then go back to family and fun.

Using our Max Wheel of Success with 12 specific themes or phases, you have a sure path to follow.

Even our Max networking meetings are organized around our 12 themes, starting with your VISION. After all, if you don't know where you're going, how will you know when you have arrived?

Each week, we networking with amazing, heart-centered business owners and entrepreneurs (mixing in techies with total non-techies) to create a glorious mix of "get it done" energy.

If you just want to taste what we're all about, go ahead and sign up for FREE! We will invite you to our free Max Speed Networking, and we'll go from there! If you really want to scale up fast, join one of our paid membership levels, starting with our brand new Max Advantage program for $19.97/month.

Our Mission

The Max Community supports local businesses and communities through innovation, relationship-based networking, revenue-sharing and higher profits, value-driven results and impact, and freedom and prosperity for all.

Fun / Relationships / Faith / Family / Excellence / Technology / Revenues / Mission / Service

And here are 3 phases to help you succeed at the highest level.


Every life journey begins with a single step. Starting is often the hardest, even with our passions and dreams. Why not Start with: Vision, Team, Performance, and Sales.


Through our community-based approach, we then help you Scale your business in four additional areas: Growth, Money, Challenges, and System.


Finally, life is not all about you, or me. It's about All of Us, so there are four more stages: Raving Fants, Customer Journey, Customer Service, and Impact and Legacy.

Max Success Weekly Newsletters

See items below, coming soon.

Session Speakers - Tuesday, July 25, 2023

2p PT / 3p MT / 4p CT / 5p ET

(This is July 26 in Australia, 7 am AEST)

Speaker 1 - Debbie Small

Debbie Small, the Empowerment Queen, is from Melbourne, Australia, with her own international business directory which is awesome! See below for link. She has been our most prolific recruiter for the M6 Boot Camp coaching program. Thank you, Debbie!

Empowerment Point: WEBSITE

Business Profile: LINKED IN

Speaker 2 - Christoph Nauer

Christoph Nauer, owner of Balance 6 Coaching, is a time management expert and helps you get the most out of life. He is one of the head coaches for The Max Community, and is an accredited expert when it comes to getting the most from your most valuable resource - time!

Balance 6: WEBSITE

Business Profile: LINKED IN

Speaker 2 - Sandy Abbate

Sandy Abbate has her own bookkeeping firm, SCA Bookkeeping, and is an expert at helping you keep your accounts up-to-date. She offers a very inexpensive weekly support session for her clients or those in the M6 Boot Camp, and will help you stay on track with your money!

Make an appointment: WEBSITE

Business Profile: LINKED IN

Speaker 4 - Robin Stern

Robin Stern, "Your Google Guru," can literally put you on the map when it comes to Google and people locating you and your services through a Google Search. He owns his own, thriving computer store, and his proven his Google search concepts with his own businesses.

Your Google Guru: WEBSITE

Business Profile: LINKED IN

Speaker 5 - Jason Nightingale

Jason Nightingale has a "wealth" of experience when it comes to money! As a former directory of insurance for a life insurance company, he has a high-ranking, traditional expertise, but he has extended that into areas where you can "become your own bank."

Your Safe Money Solution: WEBSITE

Business Profile: LINKED IN

Speaker 6 - Jeff Kothe

New to the M6 team, Jeff Kothe is a business strategist and profitability expert who can help you quickly grow your profits with a free interview and a software snapshot of your business, and scaling up to a full program where you can triple your profits (or more) in 3 months.

Kothe Enterprises: WEBSITE

Business Profile: LINKED IN

Speaker 7 -Lynn Sanders

Lynn Sanders (no relation but from my state of Illinois) wants to help you inspire the world with your story! She also is an expert for how you can grow your profits through the art of skillful story-telling. Lynn is currently raising money for a project in Ecuador and much more!

Difference Makers Media: WEBSITE

Business Profile: LINKED IN

Speaker 8 - Maybe you?

Your information here.

Get in touch with us

We would love to get to meet you! For us, the essence of community is to be fully human, to embrace our common bond with others, to cultivate relationships and community even while we are providing a product or service and making money.

So let's get in touch! Please reach out to me, or set up a 30-minute appointment at You will receive appointment confirmations by email (and in the U.S., by text message).

  • (618) 335-9468


  • 524 N Locust St, Greenville, IL, 62246

  • Monday - Friday, 9:00 am - 5:00 pm, Central time, U.S.A.

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Feel free to visit our main website at the link below.

You can also learn more about our CRM and Technology below.

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